General Questions

Common questions that people ask

1. Does Anchor Insurance renew all vehicle documents, for instance Vehicle Licence, etc; with the Motor Insurance policy?

NO, only Motor Insurance Policies.

2. Why is 3rd Party Motor Insurance now N15,000 instead of the usual N5,000?

Our regulator, the National Insurance Commission (NAICOM) reviewed the 3rd-Party Premium Rate to N15,000.00

This New Rate took effect on 1st January, 2023.

3. Do you sell all classes of insurance?

YES, we sell all classes of General (Non-Life) Insurance.

We do not sell Life Insurance policies since we are ONLY a General (Non-Life) Insurance Company.

4. What are the premium rates for Keke Marwa (Tricycles), Motor Bikes, Trucks?

Tricycles (Keke) = N5,000.00
Motor Cycles = N3,000.00
Trucks = N100,000.00.

These are all Third Party rates.

5. What does your Travel Insurance essentially cover?

Our Travel Insurance policy protects against risks and financial losses that could happen while travelling by Air.

The risks range from canceled flights, loss of luggage/baggage, injuries or illness while already boarded, hospital medical bills at place of destination, etc.

6. How can I get my policy certificate where your Company does not have a Branch Office?

We can generate it online and mail to you through the same platform. We can also send it to you via WhatsApp platform.

Our Dispatch can as well deliver hard copies to clients within Lagos.

7. Do you cover Credit Bonds?

YES and NO, depending on the outcome of our survey.

8. Can I renew my 3rd Party Motor Insurance a few days before the expiration of the existing policy?

NO, the policy must expire before renewal takes place.

This is because renewals done before expiration time normally cannot be received on the NIID platform.

9. Can my insurance certificate be adjusted to expire at the same time with my vehicle documents as this will easily make me remember the policy’s expiration date?


10. How do I know that my Motor Insurance policy (certificate) exists on the NIID portal?

You will receive an alert upon the successful purchase of the policy from any of the registered insurance companies in Nigeria.

Where you do not receive this alert minutes after the successful purchase, please call our Customer Care line: 09060000763Our team will check and confirm to you.

11. Can I get a no claim certificate from Anchor Insurance?


12. How do I know that the Anchor Insurance certificate issued to me at the place of purchase is genuine?

Its presence on NIID Portal after purchase authenticates it.

Meanwhile, we will always advise that you are careful about who you get your Insurance cover from as fake Insurance Agents abound everywhere.