Motor Insurance

Motor Insurance is compulsory for all vehicle owners. We offer both Third Party and Comprehensive Motor Insurances.

Fire and Special Perils Insurance

The devastating effect which fire can have on any assets such as building, plants, machinery and equipment, etc.,

Consequential loss Insurance (Business Interruption)

The Business Interruption policy compensates for loss of income so that payroll and other ongoing business expenses can be met.

Burglary and House Breaking Insurance

Theft cases involving the use of forceful or violent breaking into or exit from the business place to cart away goods and valuables are covered by this Insurance type.

Marine Insurance

We have two categories of Marine Insurance, Marine Cargo Insurance, and Marine Hull Insurance.

Goods in Transit

This insurance provides financial payback to the business owner if any loss or damage occurs to the insured goods when being unloaded or loaded onboard a conveying vehicle.

Machinery Breakdown Insurance

Broadly speaking, this form of cover applies to any form of machinery or plant subject to mechanical or electrical stress.

All risk Insurance

There will be certain valuable and/or sophisticated items for which you will require cover beyond the normal scope of Fire and Burglary policies and you will require protection against breakage and pilferage risks also.

Electronic Equipment Insurance

Basically, the policy covers loss or damage to the insured’s equipment from accidental causes while situated at the specified premises.

Public Liability

This is an Insurance cover purchased by business owners whose operation may make them legally liable to pay for damages upon the occurrence.

Performance / Advance Payment Bonds

A person or corporate body placing a contract requires protection against failure of the contractor to carry out his obligation as specified in the terms of the contract.

Professional Indemnity

Professional Indemnity Insurance is a legal backing that protects you from incurring an expensive loss when your client decides to sue you to court for a lack of satisfaction of goods or services provided.

Group Personal Accident

This policy provides compensation for your staff consequent upon an accident resulting in death, permanent disablement, total temporary disablement and medical expenses while in your employ.

Warehouse Insurance

Warehouse Insurance cover takes care of your consignments while in-store and ensures adequate cover for any kind of loss either of theft or fire and natural perils.

Money Insurance

This insurance indemnifies the insured from losses due to the theft of money in transit from and to the business place, money in safe and money in personal custody of the insured or their designated employee.

Fidelity Guarantee Insurance

Fidelity Guarantee implies the faithful or loyal performance of duty and is insurance against the result of dishonesty both, of which stem from lack of fidelity.

Combined Householders’ / House Owners’ Insurance

The policy provides an “All Risk” cover on residential buildings and/or contents that may be contained therein occasioned by a fortuitous event.

Agriculture Insurance

We ensure appropriate compensation, sufficient to keep the insured farmers in business.

Loss of Employment Insurance Scheme

Loss of Employment Insurance provides a predetermined monthly income for a given period to a policyholder who loses his/her employment through no fault of his/her own.

Travel Insurance

We provide coverage for any unforeseen medical emergency and expenses related to travel inconveniences.

Oil & Gas/Special Risks Insurance

Oil and Gas Insurance policy covers human life, the environment and property from any accidents and the activities of the oil and gas organization.

Aviation Insurance

Aviation Insurance specifically covers the operation of aircraft and the risks involved in aviation. This policy is distinctly different from policies for other areas of transportation.

Local Passengers’ Flight Welfare Scheme

Aviation Insurance specifically covers the operation of aircraft and the risks involved in aviation. This policy is distinctly different from policies for other areas of transportation.

File or Track your Claim

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